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Twenty Dollar "R"

A genuine real deal 98-spec Integra Type R purchased for only twenty dollars and then rebuilt from the ground up? You heard right. Meet Andrew Eng aka "JDM Drew" and his badass K-swapped DC2...

500+ AWHP Trailblazer

Whew! It looks like we're on a bit of a Chevy streak lately. But we can't help it because Michael King's Trailblazer SS is simply too amazing for us to pass up. We'll tell you one thing for starters: it makes over 500+ All-wheel Horsepower...yeah. Exactly.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

We love cars, whether they are European, Domestic, or Japanese. And although we appreciate modern technology and performance, there's nothing that we love to see more than a classic done right...

1968 Shelby GT500E

There are many Ford Mustangs out there, but few were taken off the assembly line and built exclusively by Carroll Shelby. In that regard, even fewer were worthy enough to be given the GT500E name. Meet "Helleanor" a modern day continuation of the legendary unicorn...

Wraptivo Honda CR-Z

Honda's theme for this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas was noticeably green, a concept that has certainly gained traction worldwide. But at the same time Honda also wanted to remind everyone of its heritage in manufacturing cars that are fun to drive. Hello Wraptivo CR-Z...

1,032 RWHP C6 Corvette

Most people would agree that there are just some things that America does better. Like hamburgers, reality TV shows, and supercharged big block V8's. Meet Nick Lundquist and his street legally insane C6 Corvette producing 1,032 RWHP & 965 RWTQ...

GST Motorsports Impreza

It's no secret that we love to see everyday cars transform into absolute street & track monsters. Which is why it was an absolute pleasure for us to sit down with Mike at GST Motorsports for an in-depth look at their wicked 700+ whp Subaru Impreza...

Mini Cooper

Remember the 2003 remake of The Italian Job? The scene with the modern-day BMW Mini Coopers blasting around downtown LA? Badass right? Well as much as we loved seeing those cars, we also know to appreciate a classic Mini Cooper when we see one. Meet the original...

Smart Fortwo

Most of you know that we at TunerPlayground love high performance cars. Lately however, even we have to admit that having a fuel efficient car is definitely a good thing, both for the environment and our wallets. But then again, who doesn't want Ron Lau's Smart Fortwo...

Nissan 240SX

Guys would agree that there's nothing better than a girl who loves cars. So what do you say when Karen Chang takes her Nissan 240SX and transforms it into something capable of winning Best Engineering car show awards AND Pro-Am Drifting events. Speechless? We are too.

DeTomaso Pantera

Of all the great things that the Italians have contributed to the world, among them: art, food, and leather goods, we would have to say that the exotic automobile would have to rank at the very top. Legendary companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, and DeTomaso...

Lexus GS400

The trend for Lexus owners these days is definitely VIP. Large wheels. Aggressive offset. Hard to find JDM VIP parts. Custom one-off anything and everything. It's with these factors in mind that we've come to feature Glen Cortez and his Lexus GS400 of 10 years...

Noble M400

There's something crazy about buying a $90,000 car and then spending over $50,000 worth of performance upgrades on it alone. It's sheer insanity really. Which is exactly what owner Shareef Khan has done to his Noble M400 with a little help from the guys over at Turbo Hoses...

A moving work of art

Wrapped in satin white and covered with over 30 hours of labor intensive black Sharpie artwork, this IS350, driven by Johnson Jeng of United Visionary will feature NuForce's first audiophile grade amplifer and a jaw-dropping 21" subwoofer!

Daily driven Toyota Supra

What was originally intended to be a more comfortable car than a Subaru Impreza STI turned into a monstrous Supra that owner Peter Enright chooses to simply use for commuting to and from work. 750+ WHP. Widebody with 19x12.5 wheels in the rear. Enough said.

Nissan R33 Skyline GTR

Often seen terrorizing the streets of Northern California, this 1996 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec - built and driven by Chad Freeman from PhotoShootMyCar, is one of the few Federal and State legal JDM RHD GTR's in the United States.

Limitless Motorsports Lexus IS

Built by Jonny Liu from Limitless Motorsports in San Bruno, CA. This project has taken over 2 years to complete and debuted at the 2009 HIN Pleasanton show to win Best Performance Lexus while sporting 1 of 2 Fabulous Inferno Exhaust Systems to ever make it stateside!
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