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Twenty Dollar "R"
Owner: Andrew Eng

TP: So Drew, how did you come to build your authentic USDM Acura Integra Type R?

AE: "20 dola R" (pronounced Twenty Dollar R) started when I decided to scrap my original Championship White J32 (that's a 3.2 liter V6 engine from the Acura TL) Integra Type R build in 2010. Oh and before I forget, I would like to explain why I call my car "20 dola R" in the first place. The name comes from when Norman Tong at N1 Concepts bought the car at an insurance auction for $20 on the day of September 11, 2001. Apparently no one else was bidding on that terrible day. From there, the car was built by his brother Richard Tong and campaigned as a show and drag car with "20DOLAR" as its custom license plate before being parted back out to a shell. I bought the car and rebuilt it from the ground up to how it sits today with help from my good friend Johnny Ngo who has been the sole reason why this car even happened because when I was low on money he loaned me a K20A engine and suspension to help me get out on the road first.

TP: That was very generous of Johnny. Of course we know what a great guy he is as he's helped us out before as well. So how long have you worked on this particular project? What would you say your build philosophy has been?

AE: I've had this car for about 2 years now. I don't really have a philosophy but I do try to keep costs down. With a combination of my old parts from previous cars and parts from Johnny, I have kept this build to under 6 grand. I know that sounds ridiculous but a big part of it has been my ability to find good deals online and then buying and selling or buying and trading. It's worked out pretty well.

TP: Wow. That's amazing. And we must say, the car looks great. So is it your daily driver?

AE: Unfortunately yes, this is my daily. It is pretty nerve racking to drive this around to school and work on a weekly basis but fortunately I know a lot of great people in the Honda community who help keep an eye on it for me.

TP: What was the first modification made to the car? Tell us about the build process and some of the major milestones.

AE: This car was already pretty done up even as a shell. It already had a 36mm 5 lug conversion and a JDM HID Front End. I think the first thing I did was to put on my White ITR 98 Spec JDM 16 inch wheels. Shortly after that, I put on my 16x8 Volk TE-37 wheels from my old DB8 and fell in love with the look. After that, I was a bit stuck because I didn't have an engine to put in and didn't really have the funds at the time to complete the project in such a short period of time (we were rushing for an event back then). Fortunately Johnny came to my rescue. After that, the additional changes started happening pretty quickly with me selling many of my old parts in order to upgrade to newer and better ones. Oh and one of the most iconic things on my car are my Blue DC5 Type R Recaro seats. They were only available in Japan and only for Blue DC5 Type R cars. I love having them in the car for daily use, they're very comfortable.

TP: How fun. So who would you say did most of the work on this car? Is there a specific person and/or performance shop(s) that you take it to?

AE: When I first received the car, Johnny Ngo was the one who helped me drop the motor in and wire it all up. I did all this at my old work, N1 Concepts in Hayward. Now I usually perform all my modifications in my garage or at my current place of employment, Nissan of Serramonte. Other than that, I don't really trust anyone else to work on my car. I wouldn't want to blame anyone if things were to go wrong, so I prefer to do everything myself.

TP: How did the car do on the dyno? What kind of horsepower and torque to the wheels are you putting down with your current setup? Do you plan on improving the performance and adding even more power down the road?

AE: The motor made 225 whp and 172 ft/lbs. I would ideally like to to supercharge it in the near future but we will see how things go. I have a lot of fun with the horsepower it already has so a supercharger would just be a bonus.

TP: Do you plan on doing any racing or track driving with this car?

AE: Thanks to my friends Tom Tang and Andrie Hartanto, I'm able to get my car to the track pretty often. I have been to Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, and Laguna Seca with my car. Last year I did four track days, this year I'm hoping for more. Oh and I tried drag racing once, not really my cup of tea.

TP: Well we look forward to seeing you out there then. So what modification would you say is the most rare or unique to your car? What do you think makes your Integra Type R stand out compared to the very few others out there?

AE: I pride myself in doing modifications that no one else has and to do things that other Integra owners are too scared to try. One of the rarest things on my car are my wing risers which help give my OEM Type R wing more angle and cleaner air for better rear downforce. No one truly knows what they are. Some say they are an OEM option from Japan, and others say that they are Mugen or Wings West. That is one of the most iconic things that people always talk about on my car. I also used to have a custom rear diffuser that I made myself which set me apart from other Type R guys, but now thanks to my sponsors at Inspire-USA, I have a Spoon Rear Diffuser. The final modification that makes my DC2 stand out are my 235/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1's that I've managed to squeeze underneath the fenders. This is a very aggressive and wide setup more commonly used on Integra race cars and rarely seen on the streets.

TP: Tell us, what do you have planned next? Is this car going to see any more major cosmetic or performance changes?

AE: I'm hoping to fit 17x10 Enkei RPF-1 wheels in front to run 255/40/17 Hankook Ventus RS3 tires for track use this year. This means that I'm going to be getting some wide fender flares from Sport Car Motion courtesy of Loi Song. Stay tuned for that!

TP: Sounds great! Well Drew, we'd like to thank you for sitting down with us. Any last words before we wrap things up?

AE: I would just like to thank all the wonderful people who have helped me on this incredible journey. The biggest thanks go to Johnny Ngo. Without him, this build was certainly not possible. I would also like to thank Tom Tang at TunerPlayground and Andrie Hartanto at Prima Racing for guiding my build in the right direction. My other heartfelt thanks go out out to Collin Lam, Phil Mar, and Eric Tsoi at Inspire-USA, Greg Haye at Challenge USA, Matthew Ye at ICB Motorsports, Gil Salazar at Circuit Hero, Norman Tong at N1 Concepts, Dan Phan at R-Crew Racing, Tyler Fong at Next Level Motors, and the guys at Franklin Auto Body and 19th Autobody Center. WIthout them, "20 dola R" would not be where it is today.

Car Year: 1998
Car Make: Acura
Car Model: Integra Type R
Car Color: Blue Lagoon Metallic


Engine & Performance:
Honda K20A Swap
R-Crew Valvetrain
R-Crew Exhaust Manifold
Fujitsubo RM-01A Exhaust
Hasport Motor Mounts
Blox Type B Camshafts
Honda EP3 5 Speed Transmission
AEM Fuel Rail
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
RC 550CC Fuel Injectors

Suspension & Brakes:
Tein Circuit Master Type RS Coilovers
Acura Legend 2-piston Brake Calipers
Miracle X Brace with Optional Bars
Cusco 25mm Rear Sway Bar
Function 7 Type R Lower Control Arms

Wheels & Tires:
Volk Racing TE-37's 16x8+38 with Toyo T1R 205/45/16 [Show]
Volk Racing CE-28's 16x7+42 with Continental Extreme Sport 205/45/16 [Street]
Enkei RPF-1's 17x8+45 with Dunlop Dirreza Star Spec 235/40/17 [Track]
Project Kics Titanium Lug Nuts

Exterior & Interior:
Spoon Carbon Fiber Lip
Mugen Front Bumper
Spoon Rear Diffuser
Honda JDM Wing Risers
Honda Access Window Visors
JDM HID Front End Conversion
J's Racing Carbon Intake Duct
J's Racing Front Tow Hook

Recaro Hans Pro Racer SPG [Driver Seat for Track]
Recaro SPG [Passenger Seat for Track]
Recaro Blue DC5 Seats [Street]
Willans 6 Point Harnesses [Blue]
ATC 300mm Steering Wheel
Sparco Harness Bar
Works Bell Detachable Steering Hub
UKDM Honda Air Bag Delete
Integra Type R Rear Seats
Custom Coin Tray and Cigarette Lighter Delete

Pioneer Dual Din Avic D3
Boston Acoustic Front and Rear Speakers

Photo & Video credits belong to Official TunerPlayground Featured Car Photographers: Jeff Cabacungan and Staff from Photoshootmycar.com

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