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Noble M400
Owner: Shareef Khan

TP: So Shareef, how did you come to own your M400? What were you driving before? What else do you have in your garage?

SK: I purchased the car from the owner of ShoAir in Huntington Beach, CA. He had been keeping the car in Texas. At the time, I was driving a 684HP / 828TQ daily driver 2005 Silverado RST. I still own the truck, but it is for sale and it is a blast to drive. It runs high 11's in the 1/4 mile, but is still great in terms of daily drivability. I also have a 2005 Mustang Coupe that's lightly modified. My dad has a 1960 Impala Convertible frame off Resto, and my little brother has a 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible. What can I say-we love cars!

TP: What's the story behind your purchase of this car? Were there other cars that you were considering when you bought this one?

SK: Well, that started about four years ago. I was searching for a very fast exotic car that was going to give me the best bang for the buck. There were other cars in mind like the K1 Attack, Ariel Atom, FFR GTM, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lotus Exige, Lotus Esprit, etc. I caught wind of the Noble brand and organized a meeting with a local Noble owner. After the first drive, I was sold. Four years later, I found the perfect Noble M400 for myself and the timing couldn't have been better. I have never sat in or driven anything more explosive than this car!

TP: If you don't mind us asking, how much did you pay for the car?

SF: This car was sold for $96,000 originally and I have receipts for $50,000 in modifications. I was able to purchase it from the original owner for an amazing $70,000 because of the current economy, which is an incredible deal for an exotic car-there are only 220 Noble M400's in existence in the United States.

TP: How long have you been working on this particular project, what would you say your build philosophy has been?

SK: I was actually the one who built the motor setup in my truck, but for a car of this caliber, I let the guys at Turbo Hoses R&D in Livermore do their magic. They are phenomenal. As of right now the car pushes about 460+ WHP and it weighs only 2,336 pounds, so it's wicked fast. The interesting thing is that it is "only" built up at about a Stage 1 currently. I have plans for a short shifter kit and possibly a single turbo setup in the future. I did recently install a new CV shaft in it as well.

TP: Is this your daily driver?

SK: Yes and no. I still drive my Mustang on a regular basis, and I also drive our company trucks around (Sam's Signs).

TP: What was the first modification that you made? Tell us about your build process and some of the major milestones.

SK: To be honest, the biggest milestone for me with this car was simply to be able to purchase it! They are so rare and so very hard to find in good condition. There are a lot of different ideas that I am still considering for this car.

TP: Do you do any sort of racing with this car? Drag, road course, or street?

SK: I plan to race this car at the track later in the year, particularly at Laguna Seca Raceway. I also want to take it to Sacramento Raceway to see what it does in a straight line. In the mean time, I have plenty fun prowling through the East Bay!

TP: Who would you say does most of the work on your car? Is there a specific person or performance shop(s) that you take it to?

SK: It would definitely have to be Turbo Hoses R&D in Livermore, CA. It has been a blessing to have them in my backyard. They are the premiere high-end performance shop in Northern California and specialize in Nobles.

TP: What modifications would you say are the most rare or unique to your car? What do you think makes your M400 stand out compared to all the others out there?

SK: It would have to be that the car has been completely modified from head to toe by Turbo Hoses. They are the best builders of Noble's in the United States, and probably the world when it comes to their performance. If you own a Noble that is "Turbo Hoses Built" then you have a double rarity and the value of the car increases significantly.

TP: That's definitely something we can admire. So what do you have planned next? Is this car going to see any more major cosmetic or performance changes?

SK: Absolutely, as I said before. This car is already scary fast but as any performance fanatic, I'll always want more. Pushing myself to the edge is an understatement in this car. I have plans for some exterior graphics that I would do by myself and certainly some interior upgrades-I think a stereo upgrade is a must as well.

TP: How long do you plan on keeping it? What car would you most like to get next if you were to sell this one? Why?

SK: I don't think I'll ever sell this car, but like they say, anything is for sale at the right price. I've always loved the Lamborghini Murcielago, and I love the RCR Superlite and FFR GTM, so those two would definitely be candidates. My next car would definitely have to be something extremely rare and fast! Classic Cars and Vintage Muscle Cars are great as well!

TP: Sounds like something to look forward to! Well Shareef, we'd like to thank you for sitting down with us. Are there any shout-outs you'd like to make before we go?

SK: Yes! I would like to thank the great guys over at Turbo Hoses R&D in Livermore for all their help and expertise. My Auto Club, Twisted Illuzionz for all of their support. My business, Sam's Signs Inc. for making it possible for me to afford all of my toys. My parents, for their wisdom and long lasting efforts, because without them there would be no Sam's Signs. My wife, for putting up with my expensive hobbies and to TunerPlayground and Photoshootmycar for giving me this opportunity. Also to all the positive people, family, and friends that keep me moving! Thanks to all.

Car Year: 2006
Car Make: Noble
Car Model: M400
Car Color: Monza Red


Engine & Drivetrain:
Turbo Hoses Stage 1 Engine: V6 Duratec Twin Turbo engine (blue-printed and balanced)
Turbo Hoses Upgraded Bearings
Turbo Hoses Upgraded Valvetrain
Steel Track Pan with Baffle
Upgraded Radiator
Iconel Heat Shields over the Turbos
Turbo Oil Lines - Turbo Hoses Upgraded
Intake Plumbing - Turbo Hoses Aluminum Piping
Upgraded Intercooler - Factory Option
Turbo Hoses upgraded Intercooler Hardpipe
Kevlar Clutch
Upgraded Transmission Shiftforks
Fuel Lines - Turbo Hoses Upgraded
ECU Map - Turbo Hoses
Turbo oil drain hoses - Turbo Hoses Fluro Hose
Turbo Hoses Clamps

Turbo Hoses Cat-Back with Iconel Heatshields over the Cats

Exterior & Interior:
Front Splitter - Factory Option

Photo credits belong to Official TunerPlayground Featured Car Photographers: Jeff Cabacungan and Chad Freeman from Photoshootmycar.com

Posted by Unknown User on Jan 5, 2010 04:54:10 PM

Wow great car and very nice photos. "about 460+ WHP and it weighs only 2,336 pounds, so it's wicked fast."

sounds like a Beast

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