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ThunderLap Time Trials

The inaugural ThunderLap time trial event at Thunderhill Raceway Park is in the books and can be deemed a success. On a day where well over one hundred cars participated, never a dull moment existed. Held in conjunction with Limitless Motorsports' increasingly-popular Grip Drift Skid event, the ThunderLap time trial drivers slotted in during the Grip sessions during a day packed with ample track time. While it initially appeared as though the morning sessions had solidified the finishing order for each of the ThunderLap competition classes, those comfortable with their lap times were in for a rude awakening. Surprisingly enough, virtually none of the drivers bettered their pre-lunch lap times, which begged the question; had the fastest laps already been run for the day?

As luck would have it, the concept of competition has a unique way of pushing people ever so slightly harder. This was no exception. Nearly every driver in their competition session didn't just drive faster than any of their previous laps, many virtually destroyed their prior times, making for an exciting, yet cleanly-driven competition session. Some competitors, such as Heather Cheung actually shaved off just over six seconds from her previous time, jumping numerous spots on the time sheet.

In the most tightly contested Street Rear Wheel Drive Class, Blue Santamaria piloted his Honda S2000 the fastest of the seven S2000 cars with the fastest registered time of the day at 2:07.604, edging out Adrian Tang's second-place finish in his S2000 of 2:12.502. In the Street Front Wheel Drive Class, a much closer than anticipated win was attained by Evan Albert in his Honda Civic with a time of 2:17.298. While Albert ran relatively uncontested for most of the day, he was followed closely by the Civic of Kaimana Holokahi who finished with a time of 2:19.764.

Lastly, in the Limited Rear Wheel Drive Class, John Luu in his first time at the track, shaved nearly half a minute off his morning's best times in his Ford Mustang Cobra and surprised the other Limited Rear Wheel Drive competitors with a time of 2:27.535. To make matters all the more rewarding, all of the top finishers walked away with a rather generous bounty of prizes from the ThunderLap sponsors, such as top-quality LED lighting goods from Lighting Techniks, quick releases and shift knobs from NRG Innovations, free race alignment packages from Auto Innovations, Viper car alarms, custom license plate mounting brackets from GarageStar and some hefty-sized gift certificates from Fatlace. K&N was also generous enough to supply a bevy of goods to all of the competitors, ranging from key chains, to hats, shirts, calendars, flags, and decals.

ThunderLap would like to thank all of the competitors, both grassroots and amateur drivers, as well as the experienced professionals who ran in ThunderLap but did not have their times included (such as World Challenge & Honda Challenge driver Andrie Hartanto and Formula DRIFT driver Matt Field), for coming out and helping to make the first event as fun and as successful as it was. Additionally, ThunderLap would like to thank its host and organizers, Limitless Motorsports and TunerPlayground, its sponsors; K&N, GarageStar, Lighting Techniks, NOS Energy Drink, NRG Innovations, Auto Innovations and Viper, as well as the Thunderhill Raceway Park track staff, who were a critical asset throughout the day.

Images contributed by Double Zero Photography.

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Posted by HondaPoweredJames on Dec 13, 2011 03:50:04 PM

Hey thats me...!!!! Coooooooool. THANKS TunerPlayground!!
Reply by HondaPoweredJames on Dec 13, 2011 03:50:55 PM

Posted by Evan Albert on Dec 15, 2011 10:22:43 AM

Thanks Limitless and Tunerplayground. This was my first competition and had a blast with you guys. Looking forward to the next Grip Drift Skidpad event.
Posted by TunerPlayground on Dec 20, 2011 08:50:16 PM

Great having you guys at the event! Stay updated on our next one via Facebook: www.facebook.com/tunerplayground

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