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Featured Model: Natalia

Hometown: Gardena, CA
Occupation: Model & Student
Ethnicity: Filipino, Norwegian, Scottish
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′5″
Weight: 134lbs
Stats: 36D-28-38

Photo Credits belong to: Keith Selle.

Happy 4th of July weekend! When celebrating America's birthday, a few familiar things may come to mind: fireworks, alcohol, barbecues, and a long weekend away from work. Unfortunately for all of the staff here at TunerPlayground, this month marks the busiest time of the year. Our weekends are booked solid with motorsport events, car shows, and unfortunately, hot ass weather! However, there is a plus side to all of this, and it comes in the form of scantily dressed women. But then you should know best that the aforementioned is anything but a surprise for the likes of us. Which is why for the month of July we wanted to feature a model that is positively scorching hot. Meet Natalia Marie. At just under five and a half feet tall she comes well equipped with an incredible figure and an even more seductive personality. So do us a favor, try your best to finish the interview first before scrolling down to over 50 of the sexiest exclusive photos of Natalia ever taken. We know what you're thinking: God bless America...and the internet!

TP: So we have to ask, how did you get into modeling? Were you discovered?

NM: I started out by modeling for my Mom's friend that owned a website and clothing line, which led to modeling at HIN Seattle, and from then on my career started blooming.

TP: Do you consider yourself beautiful? What do you think is your greatest asset? What makes you unique?

NM: Well I want to think every girl thinks of themselves as beautiful, but I personally like saying "cute." LOL....I love my back, I think a bare back is very alluring. I think my attitude is what makes me different. A positive fun attitude can take you a long way in life. ?

TP: Hmm. Very true. So what was the first major event that you modeled at? What made it most memorable to you?

NM: HIN Seattle. It was huge! I would have never thought that little ol' me would get noticed in a crowd of so many other sexy models. A picture of me from that show ended up being featured in a magazine, which was really cool.

TP: Who is your favorite model or celebrity of all time?

NM: I <3 Audrey Hepburn for her class and her big heart for humanity. I would love to do a movie with her that's filmed in a classic style. I also love Adriana Lima, she just glows of sexy cuteness and to do a bikini shoot with her somewhere hot and wet would be *SIGH* lovely. ^_^

TP: We'll do our best for you to host that shoot. Haha. So have you ever used your looks to take advantage of someone? Be honest.

NM: Well I never do it intentionally, hehe. But when my appearance gives me a little edge in a situation I try not to take advantage of it, unless its something simple, like a free drink or something. But even then I always say "thank you" and am extremely appreciative.

TP: What are some of your hobbies? Any hidden talents you'd like to share with the world?

NM: I love spending time with my family, swimming, and going to Disneyland. ^_^ Talents...hmm I'm not sure if I have any, but if I have any hidden ones it's usually for a good reason. After all, a good secret is always best shared with a special someone. Hehe.

TP: Very true. So what is your astrological sign? Do you believe in horoscopes?

NM: Scorpio. And yes, I love my sign. There's sometimes a lot of negative sayings about Scorpios, but there are different kinds of Scorpios and I believe a lot of good things can be said about us as well.

TP: Do you have any weird habits that no one else knows about?

NM: I'll tell you two: I can't eat with my hair down. And I dont like my skin to touch when I sleep.

TP: What does a typical day look like for you? Where do you like to go for some time alone?

NM: Everyday is sooo different for me. I never have just a "typical day." I could be getting ready for a show or on the way to a park or on the way to class and then chock full of errands. At night I could be gogoing or out with my girls, or even on a date. My life is like a river, always flowing and changing. For alone time I love my shower. ^_^

TP: Favorite food? Drink? Place to eat?

NM: I love the area I live in because there are soo many great Japanese restaurants (which I love). I also like the Stinkin' Rose. Drinking can be anywhere - as along as I have my girls with me then it's a party. Oh and I LOVE DISNEYLAND! ^_^

TP: Since we are an automotive interest website and most of our readers are motor-heads, we have to ask, what do you drive right now? What would you say your dream car is?

NM: I drive a black-purple 2006 Mercedes CLS on 20" Lowenharts. My dream car would have to be a pink pearl Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

TP: Nice choice. Hehe. Can you drive a stick? Do you like racing?

NM: I'm actually learning right now. I had never needed to know how to drive a stick, but I felt like I was missing out, so I decided to learn. Racing isn't really for me, but I love to watch! ^_^

TP: Does size matter for you? You know we're talking about car engines of course. Haha.

NM: Yes of course. The bigger the engine the more horsepower, unless you use forced induction. Hehe.

TP: Good answer. Hehe. If we looked through your cell phone, what kinds of juicy things would we find on there?

NM: NOTHING!! I don't keep any evidence lying around. Hahaha!

TP: Haha. So what item of clothing or accessory makes you feel the sexiest?

NM: My shoes. My mood has a lot to do with what shoes I'm wearing.

TP: What has surprised you the most about modeling? What has your most memorable modeling moment been so far? Most embarrassing?

NM: Every time I work I'm pleasantly surprised by the people I meet and the environment around me. Most memorable: this one time I stumbled onto a spot on stage for gogoing and discovered that I loved it. Been gogoing ever since. ^_^ Most embarrassing: well I was probably drunk and so luckily I don't remember. Haha.

TP: What do you look for in a guy? What would he have to do to get your attention and to keep you interested?

NM: Good looking, great hair and style, funny, adventurous, open minded and most importantly: ROMANTIC!! Surprise me, I love sweet surprises. But always makes sure it's the right moment for a surprise.

TP: How do you feel about pick-up lines? What was the best line that was used on you? Did it work?

NM: Never has a pick up line worked on me, but they are good ice breakers in a conversation. This always work: "Hello my name is blank, how are you doing? Would you care for a drink with me?" Treat me like a lady and I'll show you respect.

TP: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on a date? How did the rest of the night go?

NM: It was with this guy that laughed really loudly during the movie. The kind of weird laughter that just overpowers everyone else's laughter. And then right after the movie ended (keep in mind we were already on a date) he throws me a pick up line!! Then his Dad comes to picks us up and his Dad flirted with me!! Ewwww. FAIL!!

TP: Hahaha. That's pretty damn funny. So what gets you in the mood? What are some of your turn-ons?

NM: Cuddling, soft lighting, and old school sensual music. Biting on the neck is also one of them, but that's as far as I'm getting into that subject... ^_^

TP: On a scale of 1 to 10, how wild are you in the bedroom?

NM: Well that would be hard to say since I don't have sex with myself to be able rate myself. Haha. Wild...mmm I'm not an animal or anything, but I'm very sensual and sometimes a little kinky.

TP: Goodness. Haha. So what do you wear to bed?

NM: If I shower before bed then nothing...otherwise, a mini dress and undies.

TP: Favorite position in the bedroom?

NM: EVERY POSITION!! It depends a lot on the partner. ^_^

TP: So what is something no one else knows about you that you are willing to let us in on first? And your answer above doesn't count. It has to be something else!

NM: Well, this one time when I was working as a gogo dancer. I went on break and I had some "midnight delight" before I went back up to do my next set. Hahaha.

TP: Wow. That's freaking hot. So were you popular in high school? If so, why do you think that was?

NM: Popularity - I wouldn't have a clue what that is. A lot of people knew who I was, but I had a lot of good friends and that was more important to me than if people liked me or not.

TP: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

NM: I would like be able to control water...freeze it, make steam, bend it, use it to heal, etc. Water is everywhere and it can be very powerful.

TP: Do your friends have any funny nicknames for you? If so, tell us about them and the stories behind them.

NM: Well I have two recent ones. The first is "NATSHO LIBRE" and it was given to me by my friend Dennis because of an incident that happened in San Mateo (fighting is not how you solve a problem but it can always end one...LOL). Second is "Luscious Lion"...my bff and I were in Vegas and somehow we started coming up with two words that start with the same letter (the second word had to be some kind of animal) and since I was wearing a dress with a lion on it...badda bing!

TP: Haha. I think we witnessed that "incident." In fact, we still have one of your earrings! So do you use Twitter? Facebook? Myspace? What do you think about social networking sites and how they have affected models these days?

NM: I have them all, and it helps to get a great fan base, but at the same time I feel that some people take it too seriously. What ever happened to just hanging out and talking, instead of getting mad cause I don't have you on my top friends and what not. But I do like Twitter, it's a good way to let fans and friends in on what's going on in my life and keep things close but at the same time, also at a distance.

TP: So what are five things you never leave the house without?

NM: Hand lotion. Chapstick. A mini mirror. Cell phone. And wallet.

TP: Do you like to travel? Where have you been that you absolutely loved? Where would you like to go someday?

NM: Yes I love to travel! I really enjoyed going to Australia, the Phillipines, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro. I would like to visit Italy, Ireland, England, and France (for Paris). ^_^

TP: Where can your fans find you online?

NM: Look for me on Twitter (@msnataliamarie) and on Facebook. My site is going to launch later this summer. I'll be sure to let everyone know via Twitter, etc.

TP: Where can your fans expect to find you with TunerPlayground next?

NM: I'll be at SpoCom Long Beach and SpoCom Hawaii, as well as Extreme Autofest. Probably sooner than you know it! *wink wink*

TP: Sounds good. I think it's time that we wrap up. Any last words? Shout outs? Feel free to plug yourself and your friends as much as possible...ready? Go!

NM: I want to thank all the TunerPlayground staff for the feature. I also want to thank all the photographers for shooting me, and all the people out there who support me. Thanks to all of the great bosses who hire me and continue to hire me. Thanks to my family for helping to keep me grounded and for loving me for me. And for all my great friends that make this life as great as I could ever hope for: BEEH monster, Christine Mendoza, Nikita Esco, Sudana Pa, Amanda Gift, Alex D, Lena D, and sooooo many more, love you all!

Posted by speedstardc5 on Jul 9, 2010 05:38:09 PM

wow. stunning!
Posted by Unknown User on Jul 14, 2010 05:19:44 AM

Posted by Unknown User on Sep 2, 2010 08:01:37 PM

Natalia......all I can say is......"WOW" !!!!!!!!
Sooooo beautiful & sooooooo sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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